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In the world of SSL/TLS, EV certificates are the gold standard. This complete SSL solution not only encrypts your website, safely protecting user information from prying eyes, but it also comes with a variety of extra premium features that have proven to boost trust & clearly demonstrate that you're in fact someone safe to do business with.

Not just anyone can obtain an EV certificate that activates this globally trusted & recognized green bar (especially no malicious or fake site), because the issuing Certificate Authority (CA) has to first complete a thorough validation process to verify & ensure you're actually a legitimate business. So, if you're a real business and you're looking to maximize trust, boost conversion and align yourself alongside the big shots of the Internet, the companies that people already know and trust, then EV is the only way to go since you're trying to succeed online.

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SSL Levels Explained


This is the lowest level of authentication used to issue SSL certificates. The Certificate Authority (CA) will issue this certificate to anyone listed as the domain contact in the public record associated with a domain name. As a result, DV certificates are issued very quickly. No company information is checked or displayed on the certificate, making it easier for criminals to gain this type of certificate from CAs.


Situations where trust and credibility are less important but require a sense of security

  • Easy to obtain
  • Fast issuance
  • Use only for web-based applications that are not at risk for phishing or fraud
  • Don't use for public facing sites or sites that handle sensitive data

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OV is the more secure step up from DV. As well as checking up on ownership of the domain name, the CA will also carry out additional vetting of the organisation and individual applying for the certificate. This might include checking the address where the company is registered and the name of a specific contact. This vetted company information is displayed to visitors on the certificate, making ownership more visible.


Public-facing websites dealing with less sensitive transactions

  • More thorough vetting process than DV
  • Company information is displayed to users
  • Provides a certain level of trust about the company who owns the website
  • Doesn’t offer the highest visible display of trust like EV SSL (green browser bar)

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This is the best in SSL certificates. EV verification guidelines require the CA to run a much more rigorous identity check on the organisation or individual applying for the certificate. Sites with an EV SSL certificate have a green browser address bar and a field appears with the name of the website owner and the name of the CA that issued the certificate and are more noticeable by visitors.


E-commerce sites and websites handling credit card and other sensitive data

  • Highest visible display of online trust with a green address bar
  • Increase user trust, lower bounce rates and shopping cart abandonments
  • Strengthen your credibility and brand by showcasing your commitment to online security

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HTTPS Everywhere

Internet-wide encryption is happening, make sure you’re up to date

The titans of the web industry have spoken and their message is loud and clear: every website needs basic encryption as a minimum standard. There was a time when SSL/TLS was thought to only be necessary for ecommerce websites and other sites that collect sensitive user information - but no longer! The 100% encryption movement has begun and is now the way of the future.

All sites need SSL encryption. As your web host, we would be remiss if we didn’t alert you about this important industry initiative and ensure that your site is well equipped to adapt to the changing internet landscape.

This is an industry-lead initiative to get all websites to utilize basic SSL/TLS encryption as the minimum standard. Simply put: if you have a website, it needs an SSL certificate. But don’t take our word for it, just listen to what the leaders of the internet have been saying and the recent initiatives they’ve been pushing...

HTTPS Everywhere

Google Gives an SEO Ranking Boost to Sites with SSL/TLS

Back in 2014, Google announced they were going to begin factoring SSL into their ranking algorithm. Since then, it’s now known that websites using SSL/TLS see as much as a 5% increase in visibility versus their unencrypted counterparts. The importance of SSL/TLS on search engine ranking is only expected to increase as Search Engines further push for an HTTPS Everywhere environment.


Browsers Starting to Warn Users When Accessing Sites without SSL/TLS

Perhaps you have already run into these warnings... But if you haven’t yet, it’s surely only a matter of time. Browsers like Chrome have slowly been increasing the visibility of non-SSL warnings, and in the very near future - browsers will begin actively warning users when they access a site that does not have SSL/TLS installed on it.

SSL Certificate

Browsers Only Supporting HTTP/2 with Encrypted Sites

HTTP/2 - the second major version of the HTTP network protocol - has been ratified by the IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force) and now is used in 18% of global traffic and rapidly climbing. The benefits of HTTP/2 are 20-30% decrease in page load times and an improved connection model, among many others.

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