Within the hosting industry, 'Unlimited' is a marketing technique, nothing is truely unlimited. However, that being said, we have taken measures and time to make it seem as though everything is unlimited.

Unlimited Disk Space?

You may notice that in your cPanel, your storage limit is unlimited. This is accurate, we do not limit the amount of files or disk space which you can use as long as they are relevant to your website.

A logical question would be 'Where do you find Unlimited Drives?' We don't, there is no such thing. Instead, to be able to provided this we constantly upgrade and add enterprise grade SSD drives to our SAN so that the storage capacity is always increasing across the platform. While storage capacity is not the only thing which limits disk usage, you may be wondering about IOPS. Each account has a limit a 10'000 Mbps which for any website is a lot. As we only use SSD drives, each drive provides 100'000 Mbps and we have over drives currently in our SAN.

Unlimited Bandwidth?

As you may know, bandwidth usage is not free. We are charged on the amount of bandwidth we use. "How are you able to provide unlimited?" As we grow day by day, such costs are negated by our growth.

We hope this clears things up for you, while nothing is truly unlimited we have taked the correct precautions and configurations to ensure that you do recieve a service which appear to be unlimited.

Client's Reviews

Still not convinced? Take a look at what our clients have to say about our services.

Andrew and his team made this experience very simple and straightforward. The costs are kept really low too, I would highly recommend using!

Marushka Frandgie

Verified Customer

Great product with simply amazing pricing. Support is very friendly and helpful.

Carl Grove

Verified Customer

I have used both teamspeak 3 and website hosting from Cloudnet Infinity for a couple of years now and I have never been so happy with the service provided and response times to support tickets. Andrew and his team are always around to help with even the smallest of issues, some not even relating to their service, keep up the good work guys :)

Todd Brennan

Verified Customer

Cloudnet Infinity have provided all the services I require for my business. Customer service response is fast and professional. They have really exceeded my expectations. I will definitely recommend to anyone requiring these services.

Louis Armstrong

Verified Customer
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